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There was a time where pretty much every wedding venue had ugly conference style chairs, so you had no choice but to cover them. However, things have changed a lot over the past few years and now, thankfully, more and more venues have got lovely wooden chairs that you can either leave plain, or dress to enhance your decor. You're now adding to the beauty rather than covering the ugly!

The days of just using a chair cover and sash are long gone, and now there's a huge range of gorgeous ways to dress your chairs. Our absolute favourite is working with chiffon which drapes beautifully to soften the look of the chair and compliment your styling. You can keep it simple with a classic single drape, double up for the romantic heart style or go all out with luxurious woven drapes. You can also add ribbon, foliage, brooches and flowers, all to suit your styling. If you don't want a full chiffon drape, but still want to dress your chairs and add a bit of colour, you can do this using traditional chiffon and satin sashes. The options are endless!

However, don't worry if your venue does have ugly old fabric banqueting chairs as we can still transform them into something beautiful with chair covers and a wide range of sash options. 

Whatever the chair, we'll make sure that they look absolutely gorgeous for your special day!

to cover or not to cover?

Beautiful chairs


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